As for the Amal Mega Project, we have to think of an interesting and impactful project, so I came up with the idea of “Youth Empowerment Forum” I also call it as “Youth Entrepreneurship Forum”.

Before going into the details of WHY I want to work on this let’s have a problem statement.

Due to lack of proper counselling bodies, rapid development and change in dynamics of the world and the existing generation gap, students especially of universities are facing many problems related to career choices, skills development (personal and interpersonal) and getting close to their passion. This is creating…

The journey of Amal fellowship is always refreshing for me. The memories I have created are unmatchable. I have learned communication skills, interview skills, teamwork, and team-leading skills.

The best thing in the start was taking notes and taking courses. The online courses have attracted me a lot and I was focused and concentrated on my work. I loved to do the task on time and learn maximum from the courses. The content was very engaging and I would feel every time-bound by the Amal courses.

In the beginning, I was procrastinated as I had to come out of my…

The journey of AMAL fellowship is a refreshing memory of my life. During these 3 months of continuous learning, I enjoyed project works, live interacting sessions, group works and activities, and discussions with other fellows. These three months have left a great positive impact on my life. Now I feel more confident and I have the tools to encounter hurdles that come in my life both professionally and personally.

Although the overall fellowship is full of incidents that made me think and reflect the one-on-one session has changed how I make decisions.

1-on-1 session:

I had a 1-on-1 session with Sir Usman…

Time Management is art. It is a tool that makes you different from the crowd, that makes you stand out. You become more productive when you manage your time effectively.

So, I thought of making the habit of effective time management and usage. I found The Pomodoro Technique very help ful for this.

In the start, I found this activity bit difficult. I had to be committed to work and not check the social media and all that. I could not complete first at one siting. …

The Amal totka for a growth mindset has five effective yet simple tips;

  1. Self Talk
  2. Get out of your Comfort Zone
  3. Create New Habits
  4. Ask a Help
  5. Fake it till your make it

These five tips seem very simple but have long-lasting effects. These are the best pieces of advice I received for my personality grooming. One should incorporate them all in their life. These activities are all linked to each other in a very systematic manner and improving in one will improve the other. …

As a fresh Mechanical Engineering Graduate, My first and important goal is to get a good field job. To get a job is my goal and I divided it in many parts like

  1. Job Hunting
  2. Company Searching
  3. Job application
  4. Test Preparation
  5. Interview Preparation

Now among these the Interview skills are where I am lacking and need considerable amount of practise and guidance. So I started to work on this goal, I will use youtube to watch videos for interview skills and then I will search for frequently ask questions and then I will practise them. …

I usually do my study work in my bedroom because my study table is also there. Below is the image of my room when it is all messed up. I am going to fix the things or clean them one by one.

My All-in-one room

Organizing My Reading Table

I chose my Reading Table where I do my work. I also do my AMAL fellowship work here and even attend my online session on this table. The things were dispersed on the table and it was messy. It looked disorganized. The below picture shows its condition before organizing.

I have summarized five activities of random activities during my last 24 Hours’ time.

1. Ironing The Cloth of my Father

As it is Juma today, I asked my father to iron his cloth for the Juma and he was happy and got a smile because of my small action.

2. Making Kahwa for My Parents

I made Kahwa for my parent last night. They used to like it so I made it for them and served them. They prayed for me that made me happy.

Kahwa in winter is just love.

3. Bringing Chocolates for my Sisters

I have two little sisters. I brought chocolate…

Muhammad Jamal Asghar

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