Youth Empowerment Forum; Getting Closer to Mega Project

As for the Amal Mega Project, we have to think of an interesting and impactful project, so I came up with the idea of “Youth Empowerment Forum” I also call it as “Youth Entrepreneurship Forum”.

Before going into the details of WHY I want to work on this let’s have a problem statement.

Due to lack of proper counselling bodies, rapid development and change in dynamics of the world and the existing generation gap, students especially of universities are facing many problems related to career choices, skills development (personal and interpersonal) and getting close to their passion. This is creating hopelessness, stress accumulation, anxiety and depression among the youth. I want to make a forum or platform where youth can openly discuss their problems and get real time solution from the professionals and also from fellow youth. This idea can be incorporated both as Non-Profit Social Welfare or Entrepreneur Business Idea and can be mixture of both. The motto is “WORKING FOR THE SOCIETY”.

This Youth Empowerment Forum can work on these areas while incorporating professionals of the relevant fields:

  1. Counselling (career + Psychological)
  2. Skills Development (Professional + Interpersonal)
  3. Awareness Campaigns (Mental Health, Animal Violence, Child Abuse, etc.)

Keeping this idea in mind I have conducted a survey on Facebook and I received an enormous response showing that there is a dire need for this platform and youth want these issues to be addressed with immediate effect as they are suffering from stress and anxiety because of these issues.

Following questions (See Figure 01) were asked on the Survey:

I received many feedbacks all of these are very difficult to share but I am sharing here some of the responses and the rest of the responses are shared on the drive whose link I have shared in case someone wants to have a look.

The link for further responses are:

Online Zoom Meeting

After this, I decided to have an interactive live zoom session with the topic “Understanding Youth Issues” to have a clear and more depth understanding of the most important issue that needs to be addressed. The details of online events are as follows:

Statistics of Event


The meeting was not much fruitful as I thought off but that was majorly because of two factors

  1. Time: As I planned it with a short time so next time I will take care of this thing.
  2. Public Holiday: People are busy with their families, even my friends could not join because of this issue.

The proceedings of the meetings are as follows:

From the discussion what I concluded is that there is a dire need for Counseling both Psychological and Career. There is also a need of providing youth with important skills both professional and interpersonal.

Also, from the internet survey and readings, these are the problem that I found are the most important to address.

My future action plan is to further get the detailed statistics and narrow down my action plan and target area for immediate results and then increasing all the other areas needed to work on. I will further make a team of devoted people and will work in a team for the betterment of society both in a business and social work platforms.

The Theme Idea in Summary is to provide a Platform where youth can come for solution to their problems with immediate effects.

Thank You all! your suggestions will be appreciated.

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