The journey of Amal fellowship is always refreshing for me. The memories I have created are unmatchable. I have learned communication skills, interview skills, teamwork, and team-leading skills.

The best thing in the start was taking notes and taking courses. The online courses have attracted me a lot and I was focused and concentrated on my work. I loved to do the task on time and learn maximum from the courses. The content was very engaging and I would feel every time-bound by the Amal courses.

In the beginning, I was procrastinated as I had to come out of my comfort zone so I motivated myself with the quote.

A Job Done is Welldone.

But I was also very motivated because I had a vision to get maximum learning from this opportunity and to enhance my professional skills. I was also very excited to put extra efforts and energy into learning as much as I can in a short period of time.

Doing the project works, reflection questions and DIY activities have made me more punctual and concentrated. These were something new for me and I was doing great in the first two weeks. I even got a best thoughtful project work award. This award kept my moral high and kept me on track. It made me more enthusiastic and energized to give my best for the project work.

The above pictures are some of the reflection memories of my initial days. The more I did the work I understood myself more. I came to know that I was good at notes taking and organizing things. I realized that how much this fellowship will help me to overcome my weaknesses. I came to know about my personality in the first two weeks. I came to know about my strengths and how can I use them.

The Amal fellowship is a primary and essential building stone in my career.